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Although Olivia's Writero is currently based in Austin, Texas, Olivia is much more than an Austin writer.  After spending 15 years working in New York with numerous Fortune 500 and other clients, Olivia has developed the finesse to write text with just the right tone to move almost any audience.  Olivia has honed her skills while working with the world's largest public relations firm, multiple top-ten and other advertising agencies and important publishing concerns.  As a writer in New York and as an Austin writer, Olivia has provided a broad spectrum of writing services.




¨       PR WRITER EDITOR . . .  

. . . including work for the U.S. Army Reserve. A successful PR writer walks a fine line between pizzazz and practicality.  While the work of a PR writer often calls for attention-grabbing copy, a good PR writer must also present information in a precise and controlled way.  Because a PR writer is crafting information as newsworthy, the style must conform to media conventions.  Occasionally, a PR writer is even called to establish a positive hue or generate interest in a product or service.  For long-term success, all info must be completely honest and accurate.  Years of experience working for the largest PR firm in the world have fine tuned Olivia’s PR writer abilities to write well-told truth.



. . . with articles and advertorials appearing in such magazines as Fortune, Inside Roche and Global Finance.  Article Writer / Copy Writer Editor specialists have a special talent for combining a creative and often unique perspective with a highly targeted communications message.  A solid copywriter editor knows that that a good ad is not the one that is the most clever, but the one that sells.  Of course, merging cleverness with selling power is the magic that every copywriter and copy editor seeks.  After traveling from Entebbe to Yap and back again, Olivia has a fully array of experiences to bring the needed cleverness to your copywriter editor tasks.  From decades of working with organizations like L’Oreal Cosmetics, Global Finance Magazine and the U.S. Army, she has the know-how to also give you copywriter and copy editor output that sells with a vengeance.


¨       GHOST WRITER . . .  

. . . can't name names, but more than a few words of Fortune 500 and government officials have come from my workshop.  Ghost writer editors are so named because they must disappear.  The article, speech, or whatever, represents the official author, not the ghost writer.  An adept ghost writer is able to shine a rosy spotlight on the expert and his/her work -- and gently fade into the background.  Olivia has used her ghost writer abilities to position that spotlight to great effect.


¨       WEB WRITER . . .  

. . . including this web site, of course,, and a number of others.  Web Writer mandates are highly specialized.  A web writer can only be fully successful with an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.  The ability to repeat keywords in a way that is abundant but not stilted is a true web content writer art form.  Olivia has gained web writer and web editor “chops” through years of Internet writer editor work. 


¨       SPEECH WRITER . . .  

. . . for both government and industry clients.  Even more than a ghost writer, a speech writer editor must capture the essence of the speaker.  A speech writer needs to write in language that flows and dances.  For example, alliteration can be alluring, but can also be a burden.   A talented speech writer knows the difference.  Olivia has written oratory successes for both business and government speakers.  One of her speeches even got a standing ovation on C-SPAN.  Now, that’s a good speech writer!


¨       PROPOSAL WRITER . . .  

. . . including contract-winning complex technical proposals.  Let’s face it, proposals are usually dull as dirt.  A skilled proposal writer editor is able to write precisely to RFP specs, while still creating a document that is not only coherent but engaging.  A proposal writer understands that proposal readers are people too -- yes, even when the proposal is going to a government organization.  In any arena, proposal recipients award to the companies that they anticipate will be the most qualified AND the most pleasant business partner.  An award-winning proposal writer – like Olivia Wakeman – creates proposals that convey both information and warmth. Also, Olivia’s broad-ranging industry experience gives her the unique ability to quickly grasp new information – even highly technical information -- and present it in a form that is easily understood.  A talented proposal writer is a special breed of business writer. She must be detail-oriented, great with deadlines and able to create engaging, yet precise, copy.  That’s Olivia.


¨       NEWSLETTER WRITER . . .  

. . . including work for the U.S. Army Reserve.  With the advent of email, it seems that almost everyone now has a newsletter.  Not everyone, however, has a professional newsletter writer.  There are scores of secrets to successful newsletter writing.  One key is relevance.  Find out what your audience wants and give it to them.  A talented newsletter writer engages audience members and secures their ongoing participation and feedback in making the info more and more relevant.  This builds loyalty while all but doing the newsletter writer editor’s job.


¨       BROCHURE WRITER . . .  

. . . including ground-breaking humorous recruiting brochure for the U.S. Army Reserve. The first humorous brochure ever produced by the U.S. Army, this brochure was a recruiter favorite.


If you don't see the writing or editing service you seek on the list above, don't fret.  Just drop me a note.  With decades of business writing experience, the probability is that I've done it before and delight you with whatever form of business copy you need.





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